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The Most Famous Women of Vilnius

This tour will acquaint you with the most famous women of Lithuania and Vilnius beginning with the olden times. Wives of the rulers, noblemen and the gentry, artists and writers left an indelible trace in Vilnius. Stories about famous women, their love stories are still alive today.

We invite you to listen to the stories and feel the romantic spirit of the city!

Duration — 2 hours

Number of participants — up to 30

Languages — Lithuanian, English, Russian, German


  • Monument to King Mindaugas
  • Royal Palace
  • Bžostauskai palace
  • Pacai palace
  • The Town Hall

(The list of objects may vary)

Admission to paid objects costs additionally

Information is provided and booking of a tour on working days from 9 am to 5 pm.

Tel. +370 5 253 2115 or e-mail

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