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Colorful Autumn Events in Vilnius

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International Jazz Festival „Vilnius Jazz“

15th – 19th October

Lithuanian Russian Drama Theatre (J. Basanavičiaus str. 13)

„Vilnius Jazz“ is the oldest annual Vilnius Jazz Festival, which has been organised since 1987. In the program of the festival the main attention is paid to various strains of modern jazz.

International Bards’ Music Festival „This is me“ (Tai aš)

20th – 25th October

Vilnius‘ Concert Halls

In international singing poetry festival „It is me“ the most prominent performers of this genre in Lithuania participate, as well as young bards and guests from various foreign countries.

Contemporary Music Festival „Gaida“

24th October – 9th November

Vilnius‘ Concert Halls

From 1991 the biggest festival of modern music in Lithuania – GAIDA has been annually organised in Vilnius, which has been recognised as one of the most important forums of the new music in the Central and Eastern Europe.

European Film Forum „Scanorama“

6th – 16th November

Vilnius’ Cinema Theatres

During twenty days of „Scanorama“ festival the film screens of more than hundred of various format and genre films by European directors take place in five cinema theatres in three Lithuanian cities.

International Accordion Festival

9th – 23rd November

Vilnius‘ Concert Halls

The international accordion festival reveals the most beautiful colours of accordion –virtuoso, luxurious, masterful, subtle, original, crazy, serious, fragile, intellectual and intriguing music is being performed here.

International Jazz Festival „Vilnius Mama Jazz“

13th – 16th November

Lithuanian Russian Drama Theatre (J. Basanavičiaus str. 13)

In festival „Vilnius Mama Jazz“, organized from 2002, you could hear and see everything: ranging from the projects of the stars to the live sound of a silent film and the composition arrangements of „Led Zeppelin“.

Christmas in the Capital

29th November- 11th January

On 29th November Christmas Tree lighting in Cathedral and Town Hall Squares is going to create a festive spirit in the city as well as Christmas train, jolly rolling through the city and the Bernardine’s garden, greeting everybody entering it by a dancing fountain. In December the city is going to be decorated by 3D fairytale “Christmas Dream”, the Christmas town and the lighted TV tower.


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