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One of Europe’s brightest Christmas trees lights up in Vilnius, Lithuania

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2017 Vilnius Christmas Tree 13

The Lithuanian capital, known for its magnificent Christmas trees, has marked the start of the holiday season by lighting a 27-metre tall tree at Cathedral Square on the evening of 1 December. Covered with 70,000 light bulbs and 900 Christmas toys, the awe-inspiring construction is so bright it can easily be seen from an airplane on its descent to Vilnius Airport.

Traditionally, Vilnius’ Christmas tree is made up of a metal frame covered in decorations and spruce branches – leftovers from forestry work. With a total surface area of 2,500 square metres, it’s sure to provide multiple great backdrops for that perfect holiday photo.

The Christmas tree is just one of many holiday attractions on offer in Vilnius this December. Surrounding it is a traditional Christmas Market, where, alongside the typical holiday staples and handmade gifts, visitors can even find a vendor selling doggie treats. After all, 2018 is the Year of the Dog.

City lights surrounding the tree at Cathedral Square will occasionally dim for the Christmas Fairy Tale in 3D; a special animated story that will be projected onto the wall of Vilnius Cathedral. Each year, the event proves especially popular with children.

And if you’re visiting with kids, you simply can’t miss the Christmas Train. Operated by elves, the train tours the central town and Vilnius takes it very seriously – the schedule is even posted on the city’s public transport boards.

Whatever your itinerary may be, there’s something for everyone this year in Vilnius: traditional markets with holiday tunes, pop-up stores with gifts from Lithuanian designers, and even a Christmas run. For more information, simply head to

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