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Three New Sculptures Were Uncovered in Vilnius

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Unexpected and daring projects are born in Vilnius – three new sculptures, which will become tourist destinations for Lithuanian and foreign tourists, were uncovered before the summer.

SkalikaiLithuanian Hound (Skalikas)
A sculpture Lithuanian Hound was erected in Vilnius at the foot of Gediminas Hill. The breed of Lithuanian Hound was bred by Lithuanian hunters and is one of the oldest hunting dog breeds in the country. Hunting and guard dogs were kept by Lithuanian rulers and nobles. Lithuanian Hounds were mentioned in ancient written sources (in Lithuanian Statutes of the 16th century).

A Monument to John Lennon
The memory of John Lennon, the famous British musician, songwriter and frontman of the legendary rock band The Beatles, was commemorated in Vilnius. A bronze sculpture portraying Lennon’s face, one eye of which is covered by a flower, stands on a granite column. The sculpture symbolizes peace and harmony. The sculpture was not the only thing that was erected in honour of J. Lennon, a square in the block of Oslo Houses (Mindaugo Str. 27) was named after him as well.

The Finn
A sculpture The Finn by sculptor Tadas Gutauskas was uncovered in Viršuliškių Alley (Viršuliškių Str. 34), Vilnius, next to one of the city’s business centers. The sculpture of Finnish flag colours – white and blue – portrays a steel giant holding a cloud. The ten-meter-high work symbolises the human desire to pursue the unreachable and chase one’s dream.

2015 05 27