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Win a personalised Christmas getaway to Vilnius for two!

Even though the Christmas season is one of the most magical and festive times of year, sometimes it can get pretty hectic and stressful. That’s why we’re proposing you change things up this year by letting us plan the perfect Christmas city break to Vilnius for you. From wandering through various traditional and contemporary holiday markets, to marvelling at one of the world’s most anticipated Christmas trees and filling up on delicious seasonal eats, your holiday experience in Vilnius is one you’ll cherish for a long time. Don’t forget about the activities you can take part in all year long, either. Plus, we’ve partnered with three of the city’s most stunning design hotels, so you’ll be doing it all in style. It’s all the Christmas magic without any of the fuss.

How did your chat with our Christmas Guru go?

We hope it piqued your curiosity and that you’re eager to win a three-day Christmas city break to Vilnius! We’ll be announcing the winner on 22 November. The prize package includes:

  • return tickets to Vilnius for two,
  • accommodation at our partner hotel of your choice,
  • dinner at three renowned restaurants in the city,
  • and a selection of fun winter activities.

The winner can plan their city break to Vilnius between 30 November and 30 December, or 2-31 January.

Still haven’t had a chance to chat with our Christmas Guru?

No worries, you can get the conversation started here. Chatting with our Christmas Guru will automatically enter you into the draw to win a Christmas city break to Vilnius for you and a special person of your choice.


The winner will win a three-night stay at the hotel they chose with the Christmas Guru.

If you live for art, then stay where art lives: Artagonist Hotel

Artagonist serves as a reminder that Vilnius is a dynamic city oozing with art and culture. Each room at this Old Town 4-star property is adorned with original works of art by local artists, which makes for a gallery-like atmosphere, even while you sleep. If you admire bold statements, fine arts and unconventional takes on traditional experiences, this hotel is for you.


Want to live a life of luxury? If so, welcome to Hotel PACAI

Housed in a former 17th-century Baroque manor, the 5-star Hotel PACAI blends history with contemporary design elements in the very heart of Vilnius Old Town. Napoleon is said to have addressed his troops from the front balcony of this hotel, and the property has hosted countless other distinguished guests. Now it’s your turn to take advantage of this luxury experience.


If it’s gotta be boutique, Shakespeare Hotel has a few stories to tell you

Located in a cosy Old Town setting, Shakespeare Hotel offers accommodation experiences inspired by renowned writers and their most admired works. Each room is unique and offers thoughtful details and tiny in-room libraries so guests can get better acquainted with the literary masters their rooms pay homage to. If you love story telling, or need a bit of inspiration for your own story, this boutique hotel won’t let you down.


The winner of our three-day Christmas city break contest can tell our Christmas Guru which of these three hotels they would prefer to stay at.


We’ve got way more to offer than your return tickets and hotel room, so make sure to bring along your appetite and sense of adventure, because we’ve got tables reserved at three restaurants and a few super cool activities to add to your prize package.



Dine on traditional food like a noble at Ertlio Namas

Ertlio Namas goes to great lengths to recreate the fine dining experience enjoyed by Lithuania’s noble class dating back to the 17th century. The stunning setting is certain to make you feel like a distinguished historical guest and each meticulously plated course comes complete with an explanation from the servers to give context to your meal. It all makes for an experience that you literally can’t get anywhere else.


A harmony between food and wine at SOMM

Somm’s impressive wine list is essential to the dining experience they offer guests. Their tapas-style menu was created to pair perfectly with their wines, and their team of sommeliers is always on hand to guide diners through the process. Their food menu is pretty dynamic and changes daily, so make sure to ask for suggestions, then all you’ll have left to do is sit back and take in the cosy setting.


Equal parts cosy and delicious at Panama Food Garden

A local favourite that offers a range of seafood dishes, grilled meat and Asian-inspired options, Panama Food Garden is also known for having a cosy dining area in a greenhouse, which helps set the restaurant apart from others in the city. Plus, Panama Food Garden is located in the quaint Žvėrynas district, known for its 100+ historic wooden houses, which are definitely worth seeing on a city break to Vilnius.



Accessing the City: The 72-hour Vilnius Pass

First off, we’re giving our Christmas city break winner two 72-hour Vilnius Passes to make navigating the city and accessing different museums and tourist attractions easy. The Vilnius Pass is like a mini key to the city, giving you free access to public transport, entry into countless museums, and discounts all around the city.


Adventure: Hot Air Ballooning over the Old Town with

Vilnius is one of the few European cities that allow hot air balloons to float over it, and while it’s a more common occurrence in the warmer months, winter offers a whole new perspective. You’re in for a bird’s-eye view of the city’s UNESCO-protected Old Town as well as its surrounding snowy natural landscapes.


Christmas Themed: A holiday tour of Vilnius

Vilnius’ UNESCO-listed Old Town is magical at any time of year, but the holiday season and festive mood that accompanies it always add a little extra. We want to make sure you get well acquainted with the city on your special getaway, and a guided tour exploring all the special little Old Town nooks and crannies will help make it happen. You’ll even learn how important one man’s vivid dream was to the city’s existence.


Modern Culture: A visit to the MO Museum

With a permanent collection of 5,000+ works by Lithuanian artists, the MO Museum is ground zero for modern and contemporary art in Vilnius. What’s more, your special city break will take place during the museum’s latest exhibition, entitled The Origin of Species: 1990s DNA. The exhibition explores the decade following independence from the USSR and how the euphoric nature of new beginnings meshed with the complexity of change.


If you haven’t a chance to chat with our Christmas Guru yet, you can here.


You can chat with our Christmas Guru from 5 to 21 November.

The winner will be announced on 22 November.

The prize package includes return tickets and a three-night stay at the hotel, three vouchers for dinner at some of Vilnius’ top restaurants, and a selection of fun winter activities. This prize is for two people.

Your trip must take place between this 30 November and 30 December, or 2-31 January.

Full contest details can be found here.